Learn how to create questions using Kotobee Author's AI Content tool.

Kotobee Author's AI Content tool allows you to generate self-assessment questions for any topic of your choice. Simply type in a few words related to the topic, and the tool will automatically generate the questions for you.

To access this tool, click on the AI Content button in the toolbox.

Note: This tool has a monthly usage limit for content generation. Your quota will be shown in the tool window itself. To increase your limits, please contact support.

Select I want questions to show the questions options.

To select the type of questions you want to create, use the question type dropdown menu. If you choose Random, a different question type will be generated for each question in the set. You can specify the number of questions to be added to the question set from the Advanced options.

Type in a few words that describe the topic of your questions and click on Generate content. After a few seconds, you will be shown a preview of the generated content.

If the content is fine, add it to your current chapter by clicking the Add to chapter button. If you would like a different question on that same topic, then click on Regenerate content.