We are excited to announce the platform release of Kotobee v1.8.11. This update brings a host of new features, enhancements, and performance improvements. Let's take a look at the key highlights.

Answer Explanations Updates

When creating self-assessment questions, you can configure any question such that a custom explanation of your choice appears once the user submits his/her answers. This option has been extended with two additional features.

Explanations per Choice

For MCQ-type questions, you can now break down the answer explanations to be one for each answer choice, rather than having one explanation for the question as a whole. Providing separate explanations for each answer choice will allow users to better understand the reasoning behind each answer, which will help them learn and improve their knowledge. Additionally, it will make the activity more engaging and interactive for users.

Show Only for Selected Answer(s)

Another helpful option that can be used in conjunction with the previous one is to only show the explanation of the selected answer, rather than all of the answers. This can be found in the Options > Visibility section.

Read from Here (Text-to-Speech) Option

In addition to the standard text-to-speech function reading a word or phrase, a new text-to-speech function has been added. This "Read from here" function would read the entire paragraph and allow you to navigate forward and backward through the paragraphs in the chapter.

You can also access new options that allow you to specify the text-to-speech language. Moreover, you can set the speech to automatically go to the following paragraph once they finish reading the current one.

Equations Render Mode

When adding equations to your ebook, you can choose how the equation will be rendered (displayed). If you choose to render the equation as an image, this will make it faster and easier for browsers and readers to display, but it won't be selectable.

Promo Codes Expiration

In this update, you can now schedule the deactivation of any promo code for your library or cloud ebook.

Kotobee Reader API Updates

Here are two enhancements we've made to our API:

Set "unique" Data

The Kotobee Reader API is used to add interactivity to your ebook content. You can already use cloud functions for the Reader to write and retrieve users’ data

We have added a new parameter, "unique," to the kotobee.setData method. This ensures that only one instance exists for this data item. If other matches exist, they will be removed except for the first match.

List Paginated Users

You can use the User Management Backend API to list users for a cloud ebook or a library. This API endpoint returns a limit of 1000 users. In this release, this endpoint now supports pagination and you have the index of the first result specified using the "first" parameter.

Download the newest version, v1.8.11, from https://www.kotobee.com/products/author/versions.

If you have any feedback or special requests for any of our Kotobee products, we would be more than happy and grateful to hear them. You can contact us through the website. 

Enjoy the rest of your day!