Each time Kotobee Author opens, you will find the following popup window.

From this window you may

1. Start a new ebook from scratch.

2. Open or import a project from various formats.

3. Continue working on a recently opened file in Kotobee Author.

In this article we will walk you through the various methods to begin work on an ebook in Kotobee Author.

Start a new ebook from scratch

From the welcome popup window

1. Select the the best layout for your new ebook:  Reflowable or Fixed Layout.  

To learn more about the two layouts read Understanding reflowable / fixed layout modes.  

The default is Reflowable.

2. The popup will disappear and your new ebook will be open with one chapter.

3.  You may begin adding text and interactive content.

While working on another project

1. If you are working on a project and would like to stop work on it to start a new one, save your work by pressing the Save icon in the upper right corner.
If you do not, the following Confirmation dialogue box will open.

2.  Then click on the New ebook icon in the upper left corner.

3.  The welcome pop-up window will again appear.  Proceed as above.

By closing the welcome popup window,

A new ebook is automatically opened with one chapter and reflowable layout.

If you want to import your work to start working on it in Kotobee Author 

Read more detailed instructions on how to import from various file types.

The next step is to add your book information.