Learn about the Edit screen, the first screen that appears when Kotobee Author opens.

The Edit screen is where the bulk of content creation will happen. Here you have all the tools at your disposal in order to implement your ebook dream using text, media or interactive content.

Left Panel

From the left panel you may 

Center Panel

In this panel, you will find your WYSIWYG editor and the content of your ebook. The format tools at the top of your page provide you with various ways to edit and format your text (e.g. change the font, add special characters, manage indentations, etc). 

Right Panel

From the right panel, you can add interactive content to your ebook. To see an actual view of the interactive content in action, click on the Preview mode button at the bottom right. 

You can also apply Javascript or CSS codes in the lower part of the right panel as well as preview the Source Mode for more alterations.

For information on adding direct HTML, JS, or CSS to your chapter, refer to Adding custom interactivity.

Lower Bar

The Chapter properties option helps you apply the following options on your current chapter:

  • See its visibility.
  • Choose whether or not to include it in the TOC (table of contents).
  • Add a reading point with Start Reading Location (SRL).
  • Link it to a chapter or an Anchor .
  • Set the size of the chapter's page here (if the chapter is in fixed layout).

The Split chapter option helps you split your chapter into subchapters, or create a custom marker that splits a chapter whenever it appears. For more on splitting chapters refer to this article Split Your Chapters.