Learn how to export your ebooks to standard formats with the help of Kotobee Author.

 To export an ebook

  1. Go to the Export tab in the header bar.
  2. Click on Export Standard Files in the left panel.
    The standard file formats will appear.
    • EPUB
    • EPUB Encrypted
    • Kindle
    • PDF
    • Word Doc

If you are using Kotobee Author without a serial number, the Create button will read as “Enter serial number”. Click on it and follow the instructions you'll be given to register for a free serial number. Once you have the required permissions, the buttons will turn to Create

Keep in mind that not all standard formats support interactive components added using Kotobee Author. Obvious examples are Word and PDF. Not so obvious example is Mobi (Kindle's format). 

That's because Kindle doesn't support Javascript. According to Kindle's Publishing Guidelines:

"Kindle Format 8 supports most HTML 5.0 features, although the following HTML features are not fully  supported: forms, frames, and JavaScript."