Learn the various options of the Help menu in Kotobee Author.

Help menu

The Help menu is there for when you need any sort of assistance.

Quick Tour

This option will take you on a tour all throughout the software to explain every feature available. You can go back and forth if you miss something with the Previous and Next options. You can also quit the tour any time you'd like simply by clicking on End tour.

Online Guide

This option is a link that will take you straight to our Kotobee Author Knowledge Base where we provide you with tutorials and basic how-tos regarding every aspect of the Kotobee Author interface. If you still can't find what you're looking for, please contact us directly and ask us whatever you want. 


This option is a link that will take you to Kotobee Registration in order to fill out a registration form to get a free serial number. You will receive your free serial number instantly once you fill out the form and click Register.

Check for Updates

Although Kotobee Author developers ensure that all updates are delivered automatically to the users, it is recommended to check for updates periodically by clicking on Help > Check for Updates. This will provide you with information on the current version you are using and will show any available updates for the software. You may then choose to Update now to get the latest version.  

About Kotobee Author

This option leads to a popup that will show you your Kotobee Author Version and Build numbers.