Learn about adding links within your ebook to URLs, audio, popup messages, images and other parts of your ebook.

With the help of Kotobee Author, you can add all sorts of links to content within and outside of your ebook. These links can help you make the most out of the interactive content within your ebook.

  • You can add an external link that will link to a URL outside of the ebook to open websites on the web.
  • You can add an internal link that will link to an anchored point in the ebook, jumping to a certain location in one of your chapters or subchapters.
  • You can add a link to a popup message that will appear at a specific point in the ebook when clicked on or to be a point of reference to explain something.
  • You can add a link to a short audio clip to help explain or pronounce a particular word or phrase in your book.

Add a Link to a Website

Add a Link to Anywhere in Your Ebook

Add a Popup Message or Image

Add an Audio Link

Add a Link to an Asset

Add a Clickable Image

Add Overlay Buttons to Imported PDF Files