In Kotobee v1.6.6, we introduce a powerful question bank, new SSO providers, and more! Below is the full list of new features.

Note you may find the releases notes for older Kotobee version from the Release Notes section.

Question Bank

When adding questions, a new Question Bank tab allows you to pull questions from a large bank of questions that you already have stored. This allows you to reuse the same questions in different parts of the book without having to retype them over again.

Nothing is easier than finding a question from the question bank. Using "autocomplete" (typing in the first few letters) you get different question options to choose from.

By selecting the question you need, you have it copied along with its answer. You can import and export your question bank from and to other ebooks, respectively. The question bank feature is available for Premium users only.

New SSO Providers

If your cloud ebook or library is private, you may let users sign in using any of their favorite identity providers: Okta, Google, Facebook, or Auth0. They no longer are obligated to create a new account and remember a new password. Instead, they log in with the identity account of their choice (in case they aren't already logged in from the first place). 

For more information, read:

Enable Single Sign-On with Google

Enable Single Sign-On with Facebook

Enable Single Sign-On with Auth0

Enable Single Sign-On with Okta

Audio Sync Usability

The recently released Audio Sync tool allows you to display text along with a play button to play synced audio, which will highlight certain words at certain times. The way you (as the author) sync the words is by playing the audio file, and hitting space bar whenever you hear a full word spoken.

This has proven to be very tricky and requiring a lot of focus when the audio belongs to a speedy reader. To make the syncing easier and more convenient for you, we have added an option to control the playback rate (speed) to slow down the audio and have the time to mark the end of the words. Now you can have perfectly synced audio with text.

Embed HTML

If you are using Embed codes from other providers like Vimeo, Sketchfab, Facebook, YouTube, etc, you've probably been working with the Source Mode in Kotobee Author a lot.

To make things simpler for you to paste HTML embed codes directly at your cursor's location (and away from that intimidating source mode view), a new little Insert HTML button does exactly that for you.

Customization Export

Have you been customizing a lot of ebooks similarly lately? Giving them the same theme, design, settings, etc? You will love this one. You are now able to export your customization as a file, to import it into other ebooks.

Book Download Size

For library desktop and mobile apps, your users will now see the book file size before downloading. Note that this is a new requirement by Apple, in case you plan to submit your library app to the Apple App Store.

Android API Level 29

Android SDK has been upgraded to use API level 29 (Android 10) to meet Google Play's target API level requirements.

Kotobee Reader Updates

The Kotobee Reader app has been updated for all platforms. You may access them through the following links.

Kotobee Reader for Windows

Kotobee Reader for Mac

Kotobee Reader for iOS

Kotobee Reader for Android

Bug Fixes

Even the best software out there isn't bug-free. We have made plenty of fixes to some primary (and secondary) bugs through Kotobee Author. Here are some of the primary ones that have been resolved.

  • The customization options become unresponsive when opening certain ebooks.
  • When syncing with the Audio Sync tool, the space bar is sometimes unresponsive.
  • A question's reference button is not being displayed.
  • Popup images, and Math Equations are not appearing in Android and iOS apps.
  • Kotobee Reader for Windows is not opening on many Windows machines.
  • Kotobee Reader for Android and iOS is not reading an ebook's exported customization correctly.

You can download this version or access olders ones from

Is there a feature you'd like to see in a coming release? Feel free to share the feature request with us in our forum. Till the next release, stay safe!