In this special release we have completed one of this year's major long-awaited milestones: ebook templates. You can now create beautiful ebooks based from a clean well-crafted ebook template. This feature comes alongside other long-awaited features you'll find below.

Kotobee Templates

A wide variety of templates is available to help you kickstart your ebook, ensuring a well-crafted design and format. Each template consists of a number of layouts. 

With templates, you can do any of the following:

  • Start a new book from a template
  • Apply a template to an existing book
  • Create a new chapter based on a template layout
  • Convert your chapter to a different layout

Templates help you focus on the content without fearing of messing something with the layout or design, as these are locked. You still however have the option to "detach" a template so that you have full flexibility over the layout.

Kotobee Author on Linux!

Kotobee Author is now available for Ubuntu, Linux as a debian (.deb) file. As this is the first release on Linux, it is still in beta mode.

Android 11 Support

Kotobee Author has been updated to support Android 11 (API level 30). This means that for any ebook apps or library apps you export for Android, you can have them downloaded as either an APK or AAB (Android App Bundle) that satisfies Google Play’s latest requirements.

Microsoft Single Sign-On

You can now allow your users to login into your ebook or library using their Microsoft login account. Instructions may be found here:

Highlights in PDF

Users who are exporting your ebook as a PDF, can now see their actual highlights inside the PDF. They need to have "Chapter notes" enable when exporting.

Note Smart-syncing

If you are frequently updating your ebooks, you may be warned that users’ notes may be lost if the chapter structure has changed. This is no longer the case. We have now introduced a smart algorithm that can still locate users' notes after you’ve  maderelatively big changes.

Author UI Enhancements

Kotobee Author’s advanced editing (HTML/CSS/JS) interface has changed for the better. Now it is a more self-intuitive experience, similar to other common applications.

New Miniapps Released

9 new mini-apps have been published with this release:

Feel free to go to the Mini-apps page to explore what each one does!

Library Book Thumbnail Size

You may now control the size of the book thumbnails of your library to suit your audience, between small, medium, large, and x-large.

Directly Enter When Clicked

If users are interested in opening a book in your library, they first had to go through the book information popup in order to open the book. Now through a customization option, you can have the book opened directly without showing the book information first.

Bug fixes

Here are some of the major bugs that were fixed for this release:

  • Issue with importing images from Ebook Media
  • Displaying styled containers' borders in exported PDF files
  • Disabling the "Share" button in the settings menu
  • Exporting PDF files
  • Making login form more responsive in different screen sizes
  • Fixing the "Selectable" option while importing PDF files in "Accurate & Selectable" mode
  • Adding the possibility to show or hide the ebook author, rights, ISBN, publisher, language in the book manager

This release is definitely worth a download, for its stability and new additions. Go ahead and download it from

We would be happy to get your feedback about these new features and get your ideas of how they can be improved even further. Send to us at or even reach us through the Live Chat on our website.

Best of luck and stay safe!