All subscriptions are made through Kotobee’s pricing page. Each subscription plan gives you certain privileges, unlocking different features in Kotobee Author (details can be found here). Some plans are recurring (i.e. monthly, annual), while others are not. Examples of non-recurring plans include mobile app export plans, where you purchase credits for creation of a number of ebook apps. Those credits may be used anytime you wish, and are not tied with a certain period. Another example is the premium license, which is a single payment for lifetime access.

To expand any plan, click on Bulk options at the bottom of the plan. It will show you the separate purchasable plans along with their details. To subscribe to a certain plan, click on Buy under the plan details. 

You will be taken to a registration form, to fill in your personal / organisation details. If you already have a serial number and would like to continue using the same account, you can enter your serial number in this page directly. Once you continue, you will see a confirmation for your order. Please review the order details carefully. Click on Checkout to go to the secure payment gateway. For your own security, all payments are managed by an accredited third party payment gateway, and Kotobee does not store any payment information. Once your payment is successful, you will receive an email containing information about your new plan, along with a serial number if you don’t already have one. For information on how to manage your subscriptions follow this page.