Learn about the different customization options for your new app with Kotobee Author. The customization screen enables you to brand your app, add features and emulate the app on different platforms and devices.

In the Edit Screen, you wrote and designed your ebook. If you will be distributing your ebook on Kindle, as an EPUB, PDF, or DOC file, then skip customization and go straight to exporting your ebook. See Export Standard Formats.

If you will be exporting your ebook as a web app, desktop app or mobile app, then in the customization screen you get to design the app that your readers will use to view your ebook. You can change the app's appearance, language, features and control bar.

Customization Screen

To get to the Customize screen click on the Customize tab in the upper left corner of the Kotobee Author window.  

The customization screen features a left panel for customizing the app and a main window for viewing your ebook as an app running on different platforms and devices.

Left Panel

The left panel features three tabs that allow for different customization options: Design, Components, and Tabs.


In the design tab, you can customize the appearance of the app. It's the perfect way to Brand your ebook

For more details see 

Personalize Your App's Startup Page 

Customize the App Header 

Customize the Appearance of the App's Control Bar 

Customize the App's Chapter Menu


In the components tab, you can customize the Features you'd like to make readily available for your readers: 

  • App Language 
  • Google Analytics  
  • Annotations
  • Text-to-Speech Language
  • Google Lookup
  • Wikipedia Lookup and Language
  • Social media sharing
  • Accessibility
  • User permissions for copying, saving and printing.

For more details see 

Customize the App's Features

Customize the App's Language

Add a New Language


This option allows you to customize the Control bar at the bottom of the ebook reader's screen. The default buttons are Chapter, Media, Notebook, Search, and Settings.

For more details see

Customize the App's Control Bar

Add a New Tab to the App's Control Bar

Main Panel

Preview and test your ebook and app on different devices. As your ebook may appear differently from one platform to another, try the app on different devices before you publish it, to get the best results for your viewers.

For more details see

Preview your App on Emulated Platforms and Devices