Learn about the user management options available with Cloud Ebooks.

Kotobee Cloud Ebooks allows you to manage user access to your ebook apps. Here are some of the ways you can manage your user access and data.

Control Ebook Access

Make Cloud Ebooks Private

Enable Self-Registration for Cloud Ebooks

Set Number of Devices Permitted per User

Enable Syncing Across Devices on Cloud Ebooks 

Add and Approve Users

Add a User to Your Cloud Ebook

Add Multiple Users to Your Cloud Ebook from an Excel Sheet

Approve a Single User for a Cloud Ebook

Approve Multiple Users for a Cloud Ebook

Edit User Data

Edit User Data

Change User Password

Remove Users

Remove a Single User from a Cloud Ebook

Remove Multiple Users from a Cloud Ebook


Export User Data in an Excel Sheet

Developer API for User Management

Next Steps

Consider these additional management opportunities:

Promo Codes for Your Cloud Ebooks

Automated Emails for Your Cloud Ebooks