Learn about the chapter management options in your ebook. 

If you haven't already, read Chapters and Pages in Ebooks. 

When you start a new ebook, you will find a blank chapter created for you, named Untitled Chapter. Likewise, when you import an ebook, all the chapters will appear in the chapter menu in the left panel of the edit window. 

In addition to the basic options, you can also set default layouts, make chapters invisible, and add chapter guides to both chapters and subchapters. To explore the possibilities start with the list of options below.

Chapter Management Options

Advanced editing

You may edit the chapter in source mode (HTML) to give you accurate precision over your editing, and allow you to add custom code. This is done using the Source Mode button at the bottom right corner of the screen. To see the HTML file inside the EPUB's archive, click on Show in File Manager to open the chapter's file in the File Manager. For more information regarding adding interactive content refer to Introduction to Interactive Content.