Learn about promo codes in Kotobee Library and how you can make use of them.

Promo codes do not affect pricing. They are, in fact, access codes, providing users with access to private libraries and selected books. 

Private library's default is that they can only be entered with an approved user account and email login. With Kotobee Promo Codes, your users can enter your library with an access code, we call it a promo code.

Kotobee Library Promo Codes enable you to grant access to your library at three different levels: libraries, categories and books.

  • Library access means that readers do not need to login with an email account to access the library. Kotobee provides two ways to make use of the promo code for library access: 
    • an additional option alongside user email accounts, or 
    • a replacement to email logins.
  • Category access means that the reader can only read books in specific categories.
  • Book access means that the reader will gain access to specific books.

Combine any or all access levels for ultimate flexibility. For example, you can provide access to one book from one category and two other complete categories, with just one promo code. Here are the most popular uses for promo codes:

  • Categories + Books: Require users to login with an email account to enter the library, and set different access codes within the library for access to different combinations of books and categories. Learn how here. Learn how to grant access to select books and categories.
  • Library Entry + Books + Categories: Enable users to enter the library with a promo code, and access one book, or a combination of books and categories, or the entire library with just one access code. Learn how to grant entry to the library and how to grant access to select books and categories.

The possibilities are limitless.

Kotobee provides Promo Code API integration, to streamline use of promo codes through seamless integration with your system.

This section will guide you through the set up and later management of promo codes.

Next Steps

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