Learn about adding, formatting, and managing images.

Drag and drop an image to Kotobee Author and begin work immediately. Dragging and dropping two or more images will automatically add them as a gallery.

If you'll be adding a group of images, consider displaying them in a carousel

Once you've added an image, it will appear with a control bar and will be listed in the assets panel.

In Kotobee Author, you'll find many options for images:

Control Bar

Hover over the image to activate the control bar at the top right corner:

  • The up and down arrows nudge your image up and down the page.
  • The Copy button will duplicate the current image.
  • The Edit button will open the Insert/Edit Image Window (the same window used when adding images).
  • The Delete button will erase the image.
  • To add an effect to your image, click on the arrows above or below the Color Wheel. 

Assets Panel

The image will also be listed in the assets panel along with its CSS class name

  • Click on the eye button to toggle visibility of the image.
    If you hide it in the Edit screen, then it will not appear in the ebook.
  • Click on the pencil button to open the Insert/Edit Image Window.