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kotobee autor software failed to load after installation

The software is always struck at one point of loading process and showing following message "LOADING FILE ASSETS PLEASE WAIT",and beyond this no progress occur in the loading process.

Help me in this regard.

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Does this happen immediately after installation?

Can you please try again. Once the problem is visible (takes more than a minute without showing the main interface) go to Help > Show Log, and send us that file. It will help us detect the problem.

Let us know. Thanks

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Not opening, just close when trying to open. OS is Windows 10 64 bit.

Did you download the 64-bit version?

Yes I did and still dont work. I unistalled and reinstalled it and nothing.

So does it get stuck at the loading message, or does it close by itself?

If it is stuck at the loading message, you can still access the menu. In this case, choose Show Log under the Help menu.

Personally, I'm using a Windows 10 64-bit machine and the software is working fine there. It may be possible too that an antivirus (or software on your machine) is intently preventing the software from running.

It tries to open and close by itself. Once it began to load and close about ten times and then I decide to terminated the program in the task manager.

I know what I ask may be difficult but it will really help us understand the problem. Is it possible to take a screen capture (video) of the behavior? Even if it is using your mobile phone, it is fine. If that is not possible, then can you take a sequence of images showing what happens? You can email them to

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

After correct installation the programm tries to start, but only shows win's clock. Estimated 5 min. later I closed the progress with task manager. - I tried with both Win-versions 32 and 64 bit. - May it be that Kotobee needs a special Win-performance /service-pack?

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