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Split chapters


I tried Kotobee Author and found that importing docx makes one large chapter.

How to split my book to chapters by style or pattern? (OK, I can copy and paste text chapter by chapter but I'd like to automate this process.)

Better doing it automatically during import.

And how to merge two chapters? (Again: copy-paste doesn't play!)

In brief using chapters is rather silly. You ought to work on it!

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Egyed Serf

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Calibre (and the online programs such as Amazon and Barnes&Noble) take the H1-H3 HTML tags to indicate chapters (there are some options in Calibre, as I recall to say how many levels deep you want to go). Word automatically takes the internal "Heading 1" through "Heading 3" and creates H1-H3 when creating a filtered html file.

The same thing occurs with RTF, which closely resembles HTML.

The programs then create a HTML file for each section and wrap it up into the zip file which is ePub (as I am sure you know, just rename an epub to zip and you can see all the files).

The only issue with Microsoft's/Word' does put a few bits of extraneous data, but not bad. If one is very good at using the same tags for formatting, then it also makes for a nice format (e.g. FirstParagraph) where you may want to NOT indent the first line).

Amazon. When I say "new" I mean a couple of years at this point. Mobi (which is what the AZW uses is really an old database format (again as you must know).

What I am talking about there is the AZW3 or KF8. Those are not Mobi. They are closer to epub3.

Then there is the KFX, which has some eInk settings, but is really just a downloader, not really a format.

I am NOT an expert on this. Just random bits.

Got it. Thanks. Hopefully in the next update (or the next) we'll have an HTML import function.

This is an article we've written for our blog (the very first article actually):

I'd appreciate if you can share it. We tend to explain EPUB in absolute layman's terms; actually using a fun analogy so that newbies in the field can easily associate and remember the different components of epub. It came to my mind when you said rename an epub to zip to see all the files.

Thanks once again for your help.

Cute metaphor. 

Just letting you know that this feature now exists.

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