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Popup message size and style

For the links in kotobee author, is it possible to change the size of the popup messages? 

best regards,

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That is possible using the rich-text editor. Please see the screenshot below:


Thank you for your prompt answer but I was talking about the size of the box which display the popup message .

See attached picture :




Thanks your prompt answer but I was talking about the box in which the popup message is displayed.

See attached picture.

Is it possible to change its size ?

If so, how ?



pop up.jpg
(72.6 KB)

I understand now. Unfortunately there isn't a straight forward way to do that.

If you are exporting your ebook as a web app, you can simply add your own CSS that will control that.

Is your ebook a web app?

In my kotobee author program link - popup message I can't see rich text editor? best regards, denis

Which version are you using?

Version is 1.3.9. bulid 665

We will be making a new release shortly that should have a fix for this problem.

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