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Merge 2 ebooks into one

Hi, is it possible to merge 2 separate ebooks into one using Kotobee?

We are working separately on 2 computers at once, and we would like to merge our work into one single ebook at the end of the process. We tried exporting a PDF of one ebook into the other, but we would lose the interactivity because of this.

Is there a way to ''copy'' a chapter in a ebook and then paste it in another ebook?


Well you'll need to make a copy of that ebook file, and just delete the chapters outside the demo. Would that work for you?

Is it possible to make a demo version of an ebook using only a couple of chapters?

You're more than welcome!

It worked perfectly, thank you very much!


Yes that is possible to do. You will need to export your ebook as an EPUB, and then while having the other ebook open in Kotobee Author, you will choose Import Epub.

This will allow you to import all the pages into your current ebook.

Let me know if you still face difficulty with this.

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