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Images added in html code amended

 I have decided to build my ebook from scratch by adding html via the source in Kotobee.

One thing I noticed is that if I add image in html Kotobee amends it like this:


<div class="image"><img alt="thumbs-up.jpg" src="images/thumbs-up.jpg" /></div>


<div class="image"><img alt="thumbs-up.jpg" src="images/thumbs-up_fmt.jpeg" /></div>

So Kotobee adds a _fmt suffix as well as adapting the filename from jpg to jpeg

Anyone know why this is happening and whether its a code requirement?



Hi Brinley,

Are you sure an image with that same name does not currently exist in the images folder?

Can you try with a plain (blank) ebook, and just add this one image, and check if it does the behavior you're describing?

I seem to have a problem with the placement of images. Maybe even extra spaces? Try searching for an essay writer on the service. There are many articles on this and related issues.

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