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Local path for images and other assets

When authoring in Kotobee Author (Mac OS), and using the source mode view, how do you point to images and other assets? There must be a particular temporary directory structure that Kotobee Author uses during the authoring/editing process - that then gets included when the file is exported.

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Hi Brian. That's an excellent question.

In a nearby update, we are going to include a file manager tool inside Kotobee Author that will give you low-level control over all files. 

In the meantime however, you can refer to this directory on your Mac:

/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Kotobee Author/epubXXXX

where XXXX is a number that changes with every opened file.

This will show you the extracted EPUB that you are currently working on. You can simply go into the EPUB folder and access the imgs folder there at the low-level and paste your images there.

Which platforms are you planning exporting to?

Great - thanks for the info. That helps. 

As for the platforms, I'd ideally like to distribute in a variety of formats - including the standalone desktop modes. However, I am finding in my testing several issues (authoring on Mac OS Sierra):

"The process is taking an unusually long time" message. This happens routinely - even when I'm testing a simple two-page sample publication and with ePub, MOBI, desktop, etc. I click "Yes" to continue, and get the spinning gears in the dialog that says Please wait. There is no way to exit, except to wait for the "taking a long time" prompt to appear again and canceling. I've tried exiting the app and restarting it, with mixed results. It doesn't happen every time, but probably about 40%-50% of the time.

Unable to export to the Windows Desktop Apps format. When I attempt to export to Windows I get an error message that reads "An error has occurred while applying the logo" and the entire process fails. No file is created. There is a warning that says it is not possible to set the application icon when attempting to export to Windows, but it gives me the option to proceed anyway.

I haven't yet tried authoring in Windows 10, so not sure if these are Mac-specific issues. 

Hi Brian,

For future, if you want to close the "please wait" dialog box, you can go to Settings > Clear Popups. That will hide any appearing dialogs. 

But I would like more information on when this issue is happening. To what format are you exporting to? Do you mind sending the KPUB2 file? You can send it to info@kotobee.com

Thanks for telling us about Windows export from Mac. Are you trying to add a icns file? Or not adding an icon at all?

Hi Brian,

I'm just checking whether you've sentthe file. We're scheduling a new release late next week and we'd like to include fixes for this problem (if there is one).


Thanks. I'll get an email with a sample file to you later today.

Note we were able to catch the bug related to exporting Windows apps from a Mac machine (the error message: "An error has occurred while applying the logo"). We applied the fix, and will be releasing a new version of the software next week. In the meantime, you can use a Windows machine to export Windows apps.

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