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Does Kotobee support security?


Our students need to access the Kotobee eBook on desktop & mobile computers, but we need to ensure they cannot share the reference eBooks with other students. How do we secure the eBook for each student?

Thank you!

Lance Simon, iCohere

(202) 870-6146

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Excellent question Lance. 

This can be done using Kotobee Cloud (or Kotobee Library). When you create a cloud ebook, and create access to the ebook for a particular student, you have the option of setting something called "Device DRM". This specifies that the user's account can be used for login on a max of X devices. Any other devices uses will be prohibited from accessing the ebook. We recommend 3, but you can put whatever you want. If for any reason a student has changed his device or wants to reset his device list, you can do so from the Cloud ebook management panel. 

In case you are new to cloud ebooks, this is an important read:


Let me know if you need any further information.

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