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Mathematische Formeln

Es wäre sehr gut, wenn man auch mathematische Formeln benutzen könnte. Die Eingabe könnte über LaTeX-Code, MathML oder einen eigenen Formeleditor laufen, evtl. auch mit Mathjax im Hintergrund.

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It looks like Kotobee includes an editor for "Global JS" and so it may be possible to inject Mathjax support into particular documents with the script element

<script src=''></script>

  Then we would use the raw CSS/HTML editing context to enter the necessary mathjax markup.

Or, if we had a Markdown editor with post-processing support for latex, we could write mathematical content like this:


## The Model

The model is a set of incomes over time expressed as monetary values that represent the accrual of benefits over time from adoption or pursuit of the proposed enterprise together with a set of expenses over time also expressed as monetary values that represent the payment of costs over time to continue or adopt the proposed enterprise.

~~$$M\equiv \left\{ c,q,p,R,I,n,E,m \right\}$$ {#eq:model}
~~$$\begin{split}c = &\text{cost of capital} \\
~~ &\text{at the time of decision}\end{split}$$
~~$$\begin{split}q = &\text{the organization's required rate of return} \\
~~&\text{at the time of decision}\end{split}$$
~~$$p = \text{periods of calendar intervals within span of enterprise}$$
~~$$n = \text{number of income streams}$$
~~$$m = \text{number of expense streams}$$
~~$${ R }_{ n+m,p }=\left\{ \begin{matrix} { r }_{ 1,1 } & \cdots  & { r }_{ 1,p } \\
~~\vdots  & \ddots  & \vdots \\
~~{ r }_{ n+m,1 } & \cdots  & { r }_{ n+m,p } \\
~~\end{matrix} \right\}$$
~~$$\begin{split}{ r }_{ i,j }= &\text{interest rate paid to borrow}


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