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Events and Actions


it would be very interesting to add graphical elements like buttons, drop-down lists, sliders, attached to events which could be intercepted (es: pushing the button, sliding the slider etc...). It would also be interesting to be able to execute action in response to such events. 

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That's an interesting idea. 

Is there a certain scenario in your mind you're trying to achieve, which brought up this idea?

Yes, sure, I'm going to create control panels for escape rooms. That means being able to create pages with images, buttons and sliders. Clicking on buttons or moving the sliders I would like to call http request to turn on/off the light in the room, dim the lights, select the music to play, control the props in the rooms. 

Of course there are automation controller to do the job, with control app for iOS and android, but they're quite expensive and most of all complicated to program. Your software is very user-friendly, and with it it would be quite easy to create a user interface. I know it's targeted to creating ebooks, but it would be nice it could also generate other kind of "app", such as control panels. 

thanks for attention 

Kind regards


I understand. Okay, we'll consider that at the right time.

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