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Can access be restricted?

Is it possible to create an eBook that requires a subscription to access?

We would like our eBook to be available on an annual subscription basis, so the book would need to "expire" after one year unless the user renews.

Also, from reading another post here on the forum, I see that the ability to purchase access to a cloud hosted eBook is not available directly from kotobee yet.  How do others handle selling access at this time?


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Hi Charlain,

Yes that is possible (either using cloud ebooks or libraries). You will have control over who accesses the ebook (either using their emails or by promo codes that you create for them). There are plenty of settings.

Yes that is correct - there still isn't the ability to sell/buy directly through our platforms. Our users, who need to "sell" subscriptions, basically handle it using their own payment system, whether that's paypal or something else. After the payment is made, some users manually add the paid user into our system with the appropriate permissions. Others follow a more automated approach, by using our User Integration API to automatically create accounts for paid users once they have purchased through the external system.

The User Integration API may be found here:

If you are interested in a more visual explanation, via a live demo, just let me know and I'll arrange it with our customer relations manager accordingly.

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