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Google Admob - Examples of use within applications

Google Admob use within application is a revenue source, love to see how it looks within application.

What amount of  AD revenue can be generated?  How it is calculated?  Do we split AD revenue with Kotobee?

Kotobee does not take any cut from whatever you generate through Google Admob. Everything is entirely under your control basically. And sky's the limit with how much you can generate - it all depends on how much traffic you can bring to your ebook.

You will need to set up an account with Google Admob and use your Publisher ID inside Kotobee Author. Note that you can already try it with Kotobee Author (in your trial, or paid account as a watermarked app) with no risk involved.

Here is a screenshot here to give you an idea of what it will look like:

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Each iOS example app includes a Podfile and a Podfile.lock. The Podfile.lock tracks the version of each Pod specified in the Podfile that was used to build the release of the iOS example apps.

  • Run pod install in the same directory as the Podfile.
  • [Optional] Run pod update to get the latest version of the SDK.
  • Open the .xcworkspace file with Xcode and run the app.

See the CocoaPods Guides for more information on installing and up

dating pods.


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