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Popup message size and style

For the links in kotobee author, is it possible to change the size of the popup messages? 

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Which version are you using?

Version is 1.3.9. bulid 665

We will be making a new release shortly that should have a fix for this problem.

That is possible using the rich-text editor. Please see the screenshot below:


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Thanks your prompt answer but I was talking about the box in which the popup message is displayed.

See attached picture.

Is it possible to change its size ?

If so, how ?



pop up.jpg
(72.6 KB)

Thank you for your prompt answer but I was talking about the size of the box which display the popup message .

See attached picture :




I understand now. Unfortunately there isn't a straight forward way to do that.

If you are exporting your ebook as a web app, you can simply add your own CSS that will control that.

Is your ebook a web app?

Excellent thank you. The topic is relevant to me. I'm interested.

It should be unique and in small size but it depends on the web design template of website.

In my kotobee author program link - popup message I can't see rich text editor? best regards, denis
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