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Kotobee File becomes corrupt

Me and a coworker are building an ebook and both he and I have both experienced trying to reopen an existing Kotobee file only to find it corrupt and completely won't open. Is there a reason this is happening and is there a cure?

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Hi Dave. 

I apologize for the inconvenience this caused.

This happens when your computer has shutdown immediately while the software is writing a file. Did this happen in your case?

Try to follow the steps mentioned here:

If that doesn't help, just let me know.

Thank you for your reply. If this happens again I'll be sure to try the content from the link you sent. Actually the files did not become corrupt after a shutdown. I would probably expect that to happen. But in both cases for me and my co worker, on two separate occasions, we simply saved our file for the day and then could not open the file the next day to continue work. We do save often, but the file was corrupt and would not open. He and I are on separate networks too, he on a pc and me on a Mac. Anyway, hopefully this won't happen again, but if so, I'm glad there may be something that can recover a corrupt file. Thanks so much for your intel. -Dave

I have seem to have the same problem. I wanted to update a "science test" to check our daughter her homework and Kotobee tells me that the file seems corrupted.

That file is more than 2 months not updated or opened.

However, when I open it by double clicking it, it opens without any problem. This document contain questions and the last question is about which moon is showed in the image. Everything is fine except the image of the moon is missing. When I answer all questions, I got the result.

When I afterwards open the same file in Kotobee, the way I received the error, it opens without any problem, still the image of the moon missing.

I have the image of that moon, so I am gonna put it back in and see what happens.

I am using the latest version of Kotobee Author.

Maybe this can help by finding the solution for this problem.


Thanks Chris. Do you mind sending us the kpub2 file to inspect?

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