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CSS font-size property setting over-ridden by Kotobee Author

When I download text from a Microsoft Word document to a page in the Kotobee Author, each separate line of the Word text is placed in a separate HTML <p> element which is fine. However a <span> element is added within each <p> element which includes an HTML style attribute that sets the CSS font-size property to a specific value (the specific value depends on the font size I choose in the Edit section of Kotobee). This is a real problem because the added font-size style attribute placed in each <p> element over-rides any CSS font-size style I set in my CSS style sheet. This means I cannot set a font-size property in my CSS style sheet that will be applied to all those <p> elements added when I download the Word text. I need to be able to set the font-size property value to one of the new CSS font-size property values including the predefined values vw, vh, vmax, and vmin. I know I can manually remove all the added <span> elements that set a font-size value, but I have thousands of lines of Word text to add to my Kotobee generated book so this is not feasible. I realize that Kotobee adds these <span> elements that set a font-size because many Kotobee Author users do not want to or do not know how to add their own CSS font-size styles in an external style sheet. However, it would be very nice if the Kotobee gurus provide some way to prevent the addition of <span> elements that set the font-size property which over-rides a user's ability to set his/her own font-size property value in his/her own external (or internal) style sheet. Thanks for listening.

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Hi John,

I've replied to your ticket. Not sure if it was helpful.

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