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App generation plan...

Dear, sir:

On a Macintosh plattform, I only want to generate Apps for android devices, so I understand I better buy an App generation only plan, but I have a serious question.

Since I'm a freelancer, sometimes, the editorial I work for, could ask for last minute changes, once I've generated the app. I understand, that once compiled or exported the app, 1 credit will be used from my plan, but, if I need to generate the same book 2 or 3 times more, because of last minute changes or mistakes from my side. Each correction will cost me about 15 dollars (10 app plan).

Is this correct? Or, Kotobee keeps track of wich book I'm exporting, since it is connected to your servers. And preserve my remaining credits for exporting the same book several times?

I'm being honest here, I have 7 books to manage here for the moment, but I'm really concerned about this.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.

Dear Samuel,

Each export will deduct a credit. However, you can use the "Generate Watermarked App" that will export an app with the Kotobee watermark without deducting any credit. When, you're 100% sure it's the final version, generate an app with your branding.

Best regards,

Dear Sir:

Where or when does the "Generate Watermarked App" option appears to be selectable?

Thank you in advance.


 Dear sir:

The option "Generate Watermarked App" does not appear, is there a submenu when the button "Generate apps where I can select this for testing porpouses before I spend my 10 credits?

Thank you in advance.


Dear Kotobee sir:

The button "Generate Watermarked App" was nowhere to be found, my first test drive cost me 15 USD, I am so sad and dissapointed, I hope you can help me. I really needed to test my app on a real tablet.


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