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"Generate Watermarked App" Button Nowhere to be found...

 Dear sir:

I have a serious problem with my generating apps plan, the "Generate Watermarked App" button is not present on the export tab window, each test drive on a tablet is costing me a credit worth US$15.


Please, I need help with this, even if I need to buy a basic licence or whatever, but I think you understand my situation.

Best regards.

Freshers are very scared. According to it resume writing services, they are scared of the environment of the new place. And most of the time the freshes of universities are so scared that they avid to go university due to fear. But try to overcome your tear otherwise it will overcome you.

Have you already accidentally consumed any of those paid credits? Let us know if you did.

I believe someone from our team helped you. Are you still facing this problem?

Hello, I've lost two credits making tests in a tablet, but someone from your team kindly helped me and the "Generate watermarked apps" is now present in the interface.

Thank you.


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