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Kotobee WooCommerce plugin - where is billing email address to test ordering?


I'm following the Kotobee support tutorial to order a 25-page test book (fixed format Desktop app):

I successfully downloaded and Installed the Kotobee WooCommerce plugin on my WordPress site.

I entered the Kotobee serial number (I'm using a trial version), checked the box to send an activation email and clicked Save Settings. I didn't receive an activation email.  Is that because I already authorized the Kotobee trial?

In my Products page, I clicked the 'Link to Kotobee'.  Then I see two tabs: Library and Cloud Books. I created a 25-page test book (fixed format Desktop app).  I linked my test book through both the Library tab and the Cloud Books tab (I hope that's correct). My Products page shows a Library book number and Cloud book number.  

I clicked on Add Order, added the product. The tutorial says I need to enter an Email address under Billing details.  But no email address field is available.  So I'm not able to Save the order to test the app.

I'm a newbie working independently so any suggestions would be appreciated.  

Hello - sorry for the previous post.  Please disregard.

I contacted Word Press and the issue was the how the email was stored on the BlueHost server.  The email field displays just fine.

There's this website I just found out, I contacted them requesting for $25,000 and within few hours of requesting i got the money in my account.

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