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Kotobee Author validation buggy

I am finding  Kotobee Author validation buggy .

The software repeatedly gets machine validation wrong and then they deregisters the software.

I am using the software in a normal use fashion.

The impact is a denial of service.

The software makes it unreliable in producing and editing ebooks.

You cannot export any changes made to an eBook when the software

repeatedly deregisters at seemingly random intervals.

Note. I only ever use Kotobee Author on a single machine of mine.

I registered Kotobee Author on that machine. Single physical hardware.

My laptop is pretty standard.

I do not logon to any other machine to use Kotobee Author with my account.

I registered Kotobee Author with serial number they emailed.

I also had the software reject an invite as invalid.

...but the invite was a normal invite and required process followed to register it.

I have been using Kotobee Author over the course of 2 months now.

So have been trying a lot of the features to try the product out.

I am finding support staff repeatedly closing the ticket instead of resolving the issue.

Has anyone else had Kotobee Author deregister their Kotobee Author when using it as normal?

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Did this problem happen again Peter (in the past 24 hours)?

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