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Kotobee Audio Does Not Reset on click. Audio Plays sound multiple times simultaneously


When you click to fire audio play, the Kotobee app plays the sound file.
However, while the sound file is still playing, if you click again,
Kotobee plays another sound simultaneously with the current sound still playing..
Kotobeee should not do so. It should reset and play only one sound file.

If you click to play the alphabet song
you have: A B C D E F G
While the song is at "C", if you click on the button, Kotobee
should reset the whole thing and start only one song playing

However that is not what Kotobee is doing.
Instead, Kotobee plays two songs concurrently and if you click again then it plays 3 songs and so on. So it plays multiple copies of the song all at the same time

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