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How to get the maximum essay score?

I really love to learn and learn new things. But I had problems with writing an essay since childhood. I went to courses and read books on this topic. But nothing helped. Apparently it's just not mine. Therefore, I want to recommend <a href="" rel="nofollow">this online service</a> . For all people with the same problems!

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Hi, Damon!

Technique No. 1:
 If you know you can find just a few hours to work on your paper, better find these hours a day or two before the deadline. Many students say that the very thought of the deadline in a few hours makes them work slower (no wonder – you spend a part of your time freaking out). That’s why try to avoid writing right before the submission time. You will still spend as much time working on your paper as you planned, but there will be less worrying involved.

Technique No. 2: Apparently, it’s easier to pull an all-nighter in the library than in your dorm room, where your roommates are snoring peacefully right next to you. Somehow the transition to a working environment makes you less sleepy (if it’s during the night) and more productive.

Technique No. 3: Finding an uncomfortable place to work on your essay. A doubtful technique that still works for some. Being in an uncomfortable place subconsciously forces your brain to work faster – just to get out of there.

Technique No. 4: Listen to relaxing music. Put on some ambient or romantic collection on the background. It relieves the stress related to urgent writing and sets you in a more productive regime.

Technique No. 5: Drink strong tea instead of coffee. It’s been known that tea includes components that might keep you awake better than coffee. But some students also find that strong tea stimulates your thinking abilities and helps you work faster. They also say it has a longer lasting effect.

Technique No. 6: Work with somebody. Do you have a friend who has another assignment due soon? Excellent! How about you lock yourself up in the same room and work together or, more specifically, simultaneously? The presence of another person makes you less desperate and capable of working faster – not to mention you can ask for advice.

Technique No. 7: Use a writing help service. Curiously, this was the most common recommendation among students. Most of them believe in delegation – if you know when to engage external resources to fulfill your tasks on time, you will do well in college and in life. The recommendations concerning specific writing services varied, but was one of the options students agreed on.

These are pretty much all the interesting techniques we managed to gather. Other includes standard things – planning, scheduling, starting with the main parts of your paper, quick research methods, etc. You can find standard recommendations here or here. But if you are already doing the standard stuff, trying out one or two non-standard techniques might as well be a good idea.

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