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China starts testing final vaccine in Brazil with 90 days expected results


Vaccine against Covid-19 That China and Brazil developed together Final testing has begun in 6 Brazilian states, with initial results expected to be known within 90 days.



The jokerx2 news agency reported that The vaccine against the Covid-19 virus Developed by the company "Sinovac" in Beijing In partnership with the Brazilian butantan research institute, Butantan, was sent to Brazil on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, before 12 research institutions in 6 states began testing vaccines with 9,000 volunteers.

São Paulo governor Chowdora shows vaccine tubes Before witnessing the first vaccination of volunteers

The Xenovak vaccine is the world's third vaccine for the vaccine-19, which enters Phase 3 testing or a lot of human trials. Which is the last step before going into the examination process, approval, put into use



"Senakov's Vaccine Test Which is one of the most advanced vaccines in the world Will begin at the hospital in São Paulo, "said São Paulo governor Choão Dorea at a press conference and he expects to have preliminary results within 90 days.


And if this vaccine is proven to be safe and effective against the corona virus The Benton Institute will be entitled to produce 120 million doses of the vaccine in accordance with the agreement with Zenov.


Brazil is a country that the virus, Covid-19 The second most epidemic in the world, after the United States, with more than 2.1 million people infected and the death toll of more than 80,000 on Monday. The situation in Brazil makes them a suitable country to test for a coronary virus vaccine.


In addition to the vaccine of Sinovak, Brazil is also the site for the Phase III test of the AZD1222 vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and the drug company 'AstraZeneca'.

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