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US stocks plummet. More unemployed. Oil falls, but gold continues to rise.



US stock market plummeted from drag on technology groups with weak employment numbers While the oil is still falling Because of an unexpected increase in the amount of crude oil in the US treasury As for gold rushing almost  made New High

On Thursday 23 July 2020, the US stock market jokerx2 closed the market in negative territory. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 353.51 points, or 1.3 percent, to close at 26,652.33. The S&P 500 index dropped 40.36 points, or about 1.2 percent, to close at 3,235.66 points, while the Nasdaq fell 244.71 points, or around 2.3 percent to close at. 10,461.42 points


Investors are still trying to sell shares in large technology companies. That the stock has risen dramatically in the past Microsoft, which revealed its second-quarter earnings, but its stock fell to 4.4 percent, as did Apple, down 4.7 percent.


In addition, investors are still disappointed with US employment data. Which has become one of the key factors in assessing the outbreak status of the Covid-19 virus. According to data from the US Department of Labor, 1.42 million people were first asked for unemployment benefits, an increase of 109,000, the first increase since the end of March.


Oil price Decreased continuously for the second day after crude oil in the US stockpile Increased beyond expectations While the number of people infected with the corona virus in the United States has increased to over 4 million, a situation that may cause the business to shut down further. Resulting in reduced energy demand


By the West Texas Intermediate crude oil contract Delivery for the month of September fell 83 cents, or about 2%, to 41.47 US dollars per barrel. Brent, North Sea, London September delivery fell 98 cents, or about 2.2 percent, to 43.31 US dollars per barrel.


While the gold price Increased until reaching a record high of 1,897.70 US dollars per ounce before closing the market a little lower than that. From the dollar weakened by 0.2% by gold contract Comex market Delivery for August delivery increased by 24.90 US dollars or approximately 1.3% to close at 1,889.10 US dollars per ounce.

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