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Russia hopes may have a vaccine against Covid-19 to be used this fall


Russian consumer rights and well-being agency has discovered 4 vaccines for anti-cowid-19 Hopefully it will really work this fall.



Today (23 July 2020), China's Xinhua news agency reported that Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mashinin said on Wednesday (22 July 2020) that he felt full hope. Overflowing that Russia will be able to produce a vaccine against Covid-19 or a new strain of the corona virus. Within this fall


In addition, the Russian Prime Minister stated that "at this time there are 17 scientific organizations that are developing more than 26 types of vaccines against viruses," said Mikhail Mashistin before the House of Representatives or the Madurai Council. Russia While he was reporting government work

However, Rospotrebnadzor, the Russian consumer rights and well-being agency, stated that from his dedication until now Discovered that all 4 vaccines have been approved for trial Of these, there are 2 vaccines currently undergoing clinical trials. In the final step While the remaining 2 vaccines are about to begin being put into trial soon


However, the most important thing is Production locations and various operating procedures That requires special attention To show confidence that All vaccines are safe and effective enough for use. Mr Mutchinson also stated that he is confident that "Our vaccines will be needed both in Russia and around the world".

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