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Unlike many of its peers, Top homework helper has a well-designed landing page that offers you all the necessary information regarding its offerings. The order-placing window is placed right at the top portion of the website so that you don't need to scroll down or visit another page to place an order. This enhances the ease of access for the users. Also, the color scheme of the website is mellow, giving the website an aesthetic enhancement.

Besides one portion of the homepage (the "About us" part), the website does not use large chunks of text throughout the landing page. It's a good move by Tophomeworkhelper as nobody really likes to read lengthy content. However, the lack of text does not stop it from sharing its services and features. The website categorizes all its popular services neatly and makes the visual elements look great with the proper use of the white spaces.

For its rich and sophisticated user interface, deserves 4 out of 5.

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