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Fortunately, I have had very few "bad" coworkers in my 13+ years of work experience, but the few bad coworkers I have had make me more appreciative of all the good coworkers--former and current--I have (had). There are many characteristics and traits that make a "good" and "bad" coworker.


First and foremost, I think a good coworker is someone who is communicative, courteous of others and their workspace (especially shared workspace), helps themselves before asking for help, thinks before they speak, does not gripe about work AT WORK, welcomes new employees, is positive, assumes responsibility, especially if a mistake is made (we are all human and mistakes DO happen!), respects people's differences, listens without thinking what you are going to say next, acknowledges other coworkers each morning, and understands no place of employment or coworkers are "perfect."


Bad coworkers are those who do not communicate well, keep a messy workspace, depend on everyone else for answers and/or to do their job for them, gripe about the amount of work they have (instead of just buckling down and doing their work), passes the buck and never assumes responsibility, and is often tardy or absent for work.


Something I struggle with personally is accepting people's differences. I often think and say to myself, "If he or she would do ______ like I do ______ it would make my job so much easier" but bottom line is: there is more than one way to do things, and just because I think "this" is the better/best way to do something, does not mean it is true. I am working hard at becoming a better coworker, especially in regard to being more accepting of others and the way they do their job(s) (differently). I am also working hard at arriving to work on time/being more punctual. I do not want to EVER be known as a "bad" coworker.

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