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Structuring the essay: Absolute guide to compile a narrative essay

Writing an essay is not a big deal. However, students at the early stage of writing consider writing a dreaded affair. They think in this way because they don't follow the structure of the essay appropriately. It is not wrong to say that most students ignore the importance of structuring an essay. As a result, they fail to compile a compelling narrative essay.

Usually, students contemplate following the components of the essay structure, a vague or secondary practice that is a wrong approach. In this article, you will find the proper way of merging the text of a narrative essay into the components of the essay structure.

Let's start composing a narrative essay with an example. Let's suppose your teacher has assigned you a topic stated as "My first trip to a hill station." You must learn the use of essay structure so that you don't have to ask others to write my essay.


Critical analysis

It is the most crucial part that a scribbler must follow before putting pen to paper. In this step, you will decide how you are going to narrate your real-life event experienced by you regarding your visit to a hill station in the past. As soon as you put down your head to think of the tour, many scattered thoughts will start floating in your mind. Remember, you have to stay focused on thinking of the topic only.

Making an outline

Outlining is one of the essential elements in essay writing. It provides a complete roadmap to the readers. It would help if you learned the art of making an appealing, eye-catching, and rhetoric outline in which you will mention all the information in the form of small bullet points. So keep it concise as well as compelling or get help from an essay writing service.

Opening the essay

In narrative essay writing, open an essay by rendering emotional quotes or by presenting feelings regarding the topic. You may also begin the piece by drawing a scene. It is also expedient to mention here that involving sensory details in narrative essays is not essential. However, it is necessary to include emotions and feelings to narrate a story.

Purpose of writing

It would help if you categorically told the reason or importance of narrating this particular event. It would be best if you kept this thing in mind not to present a useless or time-wasting story. When you mark down a long story, you must keep in mind that it should have a meaningful message to adopt or teach to learn. Keep in mind you can get help from an essay writer online.

Thesis statement

Curiously composing a concise thesis statement is essential for you. In this particular topic, you can write it as "as I was on my way to the trip to a hill station, I saw kids sitting in the open air and selling goods. I asked them whether they go to school or not. Their answer was astonishing."

The thesis mentioned above statement is intriguing as the readers will take a deep interest in knowing the answer given by the children to the author. In this way, you can also write a fascinating thesis statement.

Main body

It is the section where you should narrate a detailed essay regarding the events you experienced during your trip to a hill station. You should explain the thesis statement in detail. The whole discussion in this section revolves around the thesis statement. Make small paragraphs and give examples to support your idea. 


In this section, rewrite the thesis statement. In this case, you can write a statement as it is the utmost responsibility of parents as well as the government to educate children as they are the future of our country. If you are still facing any difficulty then look for any essay typer on line.

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It is the vital part that the writer must go for putting the pen to paper. He had reviews for us. In this step, you will decide how to tell the real story of your life experienced by you by visiting a mountain station in the past. As soon as you leave your head to think about the journey, many scattered thoughts will start floating in your mind. 

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