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"เชียร์ ฑิฆัมพร" แฮปปี้ "ไฮโซบิ๊ก"

Called in the extremely happy period For the young heroine slotxo Cheers - Thikamporn Rittha Apinan That seems to fit in all aspects of life Both work and love Most recently, just past the 33-year-old birthday, the sweetheart of Hi-So Big-Thanaphon Benjarongkul also arranged a warm surprise to celebrate the birthday. With family reunion And a close friend of the cheerleader girl, Grace Kanklao, Cartoon Nanthanicha and Manao Sornsilp to celebrate together 

The cheerleaders posted this warm photo on Instagram @ cheerny14 with the message: "Thank you everyone for your determination to come together Happy and happy again. Blow the cake and blow again Also blown uni cake This year I am very happy. Laughing Like this birthday the most Love every gift Thanks again # HBdCheerNy2020 #FAMILY #BFF #QualityTime #QualityFriends #about #BabyCeenani "

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