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Side effects of "Cervical cancer vaccine"

Cervical cancer vaccine pg (HPV: Human papillomavirus) can protect against a virus called papilloma, which causes genital warts or cervical cancer. Which causes death in Thailand is quite high Currently, in Thailand, the government provides free injections for girls. The optimum age is 9-26 years old and will inject 3 needles at 0,1-2 and 6 months (in the past had to pay for almost 2000-3000 baht per needle). 


At present, in Thailand, girls in grade 5 will receive free 2 doses of cervical cancer vaccine at 0 and 6 months of age. There are real health benefits.


Side effects of getting vaccinated against cervical cancer

However, those who received the vaccine There may be ailments that can occur. It can occur within 4 weeks of a vaccine called AEFI (Adverse Event Following Immunization).


Symptoms that can occur after vaccination include:


Have allergic reactions, rash, panting

Have a fever

Red swollen




Causes of Abnormalities After Vaccination


Are allergic to real vaccines (Vaccine reactions) such as a rash, shock or seizure.

Manage vaccines against vaccine recipients inadequate (Program Error) such as expired vaccine, wrong injection location and type.

Fear and anxiety of the person receiving the vaccine, such as fainting (Injection Reaction).

Illness caused by disease Others and then meet (co-incidence)

I don't know why


Cervical cancer vaccine How safe is it?

The cervical cancer vaccine is usually safe. Used for injection in people of America And in countries with more than 100 million doses, although it may experience some side effects such as fainting, pain, swelling and redness, but the symptoms are usually mild. As for severe symptoms such as death in Thailand, no reports have been found.

How are we at risk of getting allergic to the vaccine?

In every medicine, every vaccine has benefits and has every possible side effect. Usually when the vaccine Must observe symptoms for at least 30 minutes for prevention and / or treatment as soon as possible.

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