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The launch of Captain Tsubasa, a new mobile game in the form of AR.

Video games for mobile are returning to the era of augmented reality or AR games, or will we see that in recent times there are new games released. By supporting more AR technology after the Pokemon GO has created a global trend slotxo During this time, it may be time for the trend of the game to return. As game developers all over the world turn to create more games like this.


Recently, SHUEISHA has announced that the world-famous soccer cartoon Captain Tsubasa, the work of Yoichi Takahashi, is being slotxo created as a mobile game called TSUBASA PLUS. Available in Global format for both Android and iOS this fall. 


TSUBASA PLUS is a Real-World real-world mobile platform game where creators strive to connect the game world and reality. Under the universe of the legendary manga Captain Tsubasa, Captain Tsubasa has been reimagined by adjusting slotxo the GPS function Google Maps Platform is used to create the game's maps. Yoshiki Okamoto, a skilled game designer for "Street Fighter II" and "Monster Strike," is contributing to the development of the game, including renowned HipHop artist Taku Takahashi. Become a team to create BGM background music. 


As for the game's content, the information says that TSUBASA PLUS will feature characters based on the original Captain Tsubasa manga version, as well as professional soccer players from Japan and around the world. Gamers will play these footballers and run through different football fields. Which is a real place Players will challenge the slotxo characters with one-on-one matches. By stacking three colored energy balls When you win the battle, the character will join your team. Then in the PVP mode you can team up with up to 3 different characters in a soccer match, creating your dream team. 


You have to wait and see how much this game will meet, but as you can see from the preview and the details released, the overall picture is the same as Pokemon GO, just change the theme to Captain Tsubasa. Fighting with other slotxo characters To persuade them to join the team As for the battle, I don't know how much fun it will be, but I have to wait and see the Gameplay trailer in full PVP format once again, but as far as it looks, it's interesting.

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