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How to Edit Footer in WordPress Website?

Footer and Header are two of the most important sections of a website. The header is the top section and Footer is the section that keeps sticking at the bottom of the website. Just because the footer is displayed at the button does not mean that it is a less significant section by any means. Just like the header section, the footer also has to be integrated into the overall design of the website. There can be times when you feed the need to make some changes to the footer section also. There can be any reason for that. By now you must have started making searches like how to edit footer in WordPress or how to edit a footer in WordPressThere is no need to worry as you here we are going to mention the process in detail.

How to Edit a Footer in WordPress

Log in to the WordPress dashboard.

Go to Appearance > Customize.

Under Copyright Area, make changes to the footer text.


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