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China-India clash again on the Himalayan border The first gunfire occurred in 45 years.

China and India both accused each other of shooting the first shot. At the border of the Himalayas This adds to the tension in the confrontation between the two neighboring countries that have lasted for months. And has killed at least 20 soldiers


The Chinese side said on Tuesday that its soldiers had used "Countermeasures" after the Indian military opened fire. In the high mountain areas in the Ladakh region Which both sides claimed ownership to contend


According to a statement by the Chinese Ministry of Defense India is guilty of "Serious military provocation" on Monday, after that party's soldiers crossed the temporary border in Ladakh's western border, a "gunfire opened".


The Indian side quickly held a response statement. With the accusation of China's border troops "Violating the terms Blatantly ”and fired“ a few shots into the sky ”to intimidate the Indian side.


"But even with serious threats Our troops continued to show great tolerance. And behave in the manners of the mature and responsible, ”the Indian Army said in its statement.


This is the first time that There have been gunfire in this disputed border area over a period of decades. The two sides also entered into an agreement in 1996 not to use guns and explosives in order to avoid escalating the violence in these remote areas.


Relations between the two neighbors plummeted. After a collision in June in this contested area The Indians admitted that 20 of their soldiers had been killed, and the Chinese even acknowledged that they suffered similar damage to their personnel. But did not reveal any numbers


As for Monday's incident, a Chinese military spokesman did not give details on what the Chinese side did in the so-called "civil war". "Countermeasures" including not identifying casualties. But called on the Indian side to investigate the incident.


Tens of thousands of soldiers from both sides are now deployed to the Himalayas. Which is in an altitude of more than 4,000 meters


The two countries fought briefly on the border in 1962, but no guns have been fired in the area since the 1975 incident in which four Indian soldiers were killed. Ambushed


Since this border has never been formally agreed upon. At the same time, the steep elevation of the area is often confusing. Therefore, a practice that has been held for many decades is that both parties will not use firearms and explosives.


Nonetheless, there were clashes, sometimes violent. For example, it took place in Dalak region on June 15, where it was reported that fights were fought with foot fists and homemade weapons such as a spiky nail stick.


Since then, both sides have sent additional reinforcements. It was reported that the Indian Army also changed its fighting rules. By allowing soldiers to carry guns


The defense ministers of the two countries met in Moscow last week. But from the published statement that China and India are still far from compromise.


Earlier this week One Indian minister stated that Bharat informed the Chinese side that five men had been kidnapped by the Chinese army in the disputed border.




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