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Trump has reduced the number of US troops deployed in Iraq to 2,000.



President Donald Trump of the United States Announced to reduce the number of US troops deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq to just 4,000 and 2,000, respectively.


“The situation in Afghanistan is getting better. We will soon reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan to 4,000. As in Iraq We will reduce the soldiers down to 2,000 "


“We have withdrawn a lot of troops from Iraq. Which gives us the smallest force we have ever had And we'll cut the number of soldiers in Afghanistan as well soon. ”


President Trump made a statement to the media.

There are currently more than 5,000 US soldiers stationed in Iraq to support Iraqi forces in the fight against Islamic State (IS), with most of them serving as training and advisory services.


Xinhua news agency reported that As the US presidential election is imminent President Trump then tried to deliver on the promise made during the campaign that He will bring the American soldiers home. And brought us out of "The war that never ends"




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