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How to tackle QuickBooks Crash com error?

QuickBooks is a brilliant accounting software, but at the same time it can be prone to certain errors. QuickBooks crashing is one of the most worrisome issues for users. While working with this software, the users might encounter the QuickBooks crash com error. This error can be seen while opening, working, or emailing an invoice to a customer or a client. When the user hits OK button to email it, the user gets the error message: Crash Com Error. Hitting OK again will flash the crash com error repeatedly.

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Solution 1: Update QuickBooks.

Solution 2: Update Microsoft Outlook.

Solution 3: Set up Microsoft Outlook as the default mail app.

Solution 4: Add an email account to Microsoft Outlook.

Solution 5: Toggle mail settings.

Solution 6: Create a new Microsoft Outlook email profile.

Solution 7: Run QuickBooks in compatibility mode.

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