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We are experts in the field and are oriented with all the needs and needs of our customers and we know that medicines must be safe for them, which is why we represent one of the safest platforms to buy this type of drugs. If you want to buy Blue Chew online, you can do it safely and without a prescription.

It has been shown that, like generic products, the originals are composed of the same active ingredient, the only difference is presentation, names, marks and logos; but what's really important to us, their effects, are exactly the same.

With Blue Chew pills it will be more than safe to get the desired results, maintain an erection, lasting and vigorous, forget about your intimate problems with a simple and safe solution, recover solidity in your sexual relationship and create a close harmony with the pleasure and your partner.

The active ingredient is the Tadalafil component, price in the lowest online pharmacy, which has shown no major side effects, in other words, no need to worry about buying Blue Chew, even when buying without a prescription. In its effects is contemplated the power to restore vigor to the penis, increasing the duration of sexual activity and the intensity of the impetus. Its results are absolutely guaranteed. Your sexual intercourse should not be interrupted and this means you can decide exactly at what time to achieve pleasure. Chew blue is not reserved only for people suffering from erectile dysfunction. For example, if you've planned to make love all weekend, after hiring Blue Chew, you've stored up to 36 hours of passion, after spending the last week between work stressful, you can just relax and have fun.


To treat your erectile dysfunction condition, you can always focus on choosing the most common components, namely drugs that, according to their compositions and essential components, will give you the plus you look for in your sex life and that your partner expects so anxiously. These two options of Blue Chew 20 mg and Blue Chew 5 mg in their correct dosage will increase the results in terms of manly potency.

The generic online Blue Chew Uk for sale is usually offered in packs of 20 mg and 5 mg. Thanks to generic online pharmacies Italy you can enjoy the product at much lower prices. What makes it an excellent alternative, are undoubtedly its effects, which will make you maintain an erection for several hours, from the time of its intake.

In the case of the purchase of Blue Chew, the duration of its effect can in fact reach up to 36 hours per session. Other aspects such as dosage, effects, contraindications or any other characteristic, however, should always be kept in mind and, preferably, better consult with your doctor, before deciding whether this type of treatment also makes your case.

Blue Chew dosage, effect and contraindications

Do not take the drug if you are not properly informed. As mentioned above, and taking into account that you find available the Blue Chew 20 mg and Blue Chew 5 mg, the doses are usually to be customized, based on individual conditions. Generally speaking, it may be more than enough for a single pill and up to 1 time a day. Its effects occur after sexual stimulation, taking it about 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. You can ingest these pills with a glass of water and enjoy their effects, which are activated with sexual stimulation.

Effects of Blue Chew

Blue Chew activates its effects due to inhibition of the enzyme PDE-5, which is also recognized in the market as phosphodiesterase which, accompanied by proper sexual stimulation, generates very turgid and lasting erections in men who take it. Its speed of action is another of the characteristics derived from its compound; which confirms the effectiveness of these medicines, recognized as sexual stimulators and stimulators.

At the level of side effects, which occur very rarely, most patients have conflicting opinions about their occurrence, although they are likely in very particular cases as for most drugs. The main cause comes from the fact that not all patients who take these products, consume them in the same way. Heat sensations, dizziness or headaches are usually some of the side effects that can sometimes occur due to the consumption of this type of medication.

Blue Chew Contraindications

As regards the contraindications to the consumption of these drugs, certain precautions must be followed. If you are currently taking another type of drug or if you are suffering from diseases or conditions associated with pressure, heart or liver problems, consult your doctor before trying this product. In addition, if you are still a minor, it would be better not to consume these types of products, without first consulting and obtaining the approval of a doctor who certifies whether or not treatment is actually necessary for the improvement of your condition and establish what is the dose of intake of this type of pills.

Under no circumstances is it suggested to increase the recommended doses, nor should these products be ingested if you are allergic to any of its components, including Tadalafil. Like other drugs, it is recommended to avoid alcohol consumption at all costs in combination with any of these products.

How to take the Blue Chew

What is Blue Chew?

Blue Chew is one of three generic oral treatments in Italy for erectile dysfunction, it is also very cheap. Blue Chew pills are composed of an active ingredient called Tadalafil. The impotence drug Blue Chew works in the same way as Viagra and Levitra,blocking an enzyme called phosphodiesterase (PDE5). As a result of inhibition of PDE5, the penis blood receptors remain relaxed for longer, resulting in optimal blood flow to maintain an erection. In addition, it causes the blood to be held longer in the penis, favoring that the erections produced are prolonged and firm. Blue Chew and other treatments, Viagra and Levitra, only work in response to sexual stimulation.

What is the correct dose for Blue Chew?

When buying Blue Chew, in one of the two packages sold, consumers should start with a standard dose of 5 mg. In case this does not take effect after 30 minutes, you can then try a dose more potent than 20 mg. Remember that you can also buy online to pay for the price, despite the lower price and request 48-hour delivery.

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