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College admissions essays

College admission essays are given to students who want to join colleges or universities .This essay shows the selection committees reasons as to why they should select specific students to join the college over the others. Colleges give admission essays to applicants who are all academically qualified and stand the same chance of selection, therefore the essays act as a standardization tool for selection .The students with compelling essays stand a chance of being selected over the others with less compelling ones.
What the college committee looks for in an essay is to know more about the student , that is their personality, they also seek to find out how well a student can write, how they present ideas and if they can passionately support those ideas. Some colleges give college admission essays to find out if they can work with a particular student or not.

Admission essays are known to be of three types: those that ask the ‘you’ questions whereby the applicants write an essay about themselves, secondly there those that ask why the student has decided to select that particular college and finally those that require creativity where the student is asked to come up with creative ideas and support them in an essay.
For years it has been known that many students are assisted in writing this essays and most of the time it’s not their own work just because of the need to join the college, today colleges have come up with a system of verifying if the essays are the students own work and by doing this they are able to determine those who deserve the chance

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